The Happy Clapper
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What are people’s perceptions of Biblical characters?
Are they Charlton Heston, coming down a mountain in a dodgy outfit?

The intervention of the media has long played a role in skewing people’s perceptions of Christianity, says Durban actor Aaron McIlroy, who cites movies such as Steven Spielberg’s The Prince of Egypt, and a host of others, as creating a glossy but fictitious perception of the people who populate the Bible.

“The Bible is full of many of the greatest stories ever told. Often enough they have been told badly, so I thought: why don’t I have a shot at telling them badly too?” quips the popular entertainer.
McIlroy’s latest show, entitled The Happy Clapper, speaks alike to those who follow other beliefs, as it does to members of the Christian faith, offering a broad scope of perspectives that aim to enlighten and entertain while treating religious matters in a robust if sometimes tongue-in-cheek light.

In a nutshell, The Happy Clapper aims to share with the community what Christians believe and why, through invigorating doses of comedy. “We’re not saying it is simple, but rather is it real and its worth considering.” says Aaron McIlroy.
The Happy Clapper is co-written and directed by Patrick Kenny.